Problemi con stampante Anycubic predator

octoprint (1).log (105.4 KB) serial (1).log (148 Bytes) Uploading: plugin_softwareupdate_console (1).log... Hi I have a problem to solve on my anycubic predator printer connected to rasberry pi 3 B after having done all the procetures and having downloaded the plugins on octoprint to be able to redeem it compatible with the printer, it gives me some problems

What is the problem?

the main problems are that when I start a print, the printer hotend freezes for short seconds during printing, deforming the piece and creating smudges, another problem is that sometimes the printer detaches from the octoprint while printing

What did you already try to solve it?

for the first problem i don't know what to do, for the second i covered the 5v in the usb connector but i didn't get results

Have you tried running in safe mode?

i don't know what safe mode is but i still think not

Did running in safe mode solve the problem?
I have an anycubic predator, with raspberry pi 3 B and as a computer I use a mac


Please upload the logs (click on the blue link for further information)
We need the octoprint.log and the serial.log

same think here - just click on the blue link :wink:

serial (1).log (148 Bytes) octoprint (1).log (105.4 KB)

You have to enable serial logging, print until the error occurs and then upload the file :slight_smile: