Problems adding 2 USB cameras to P4+ (UPDATED)

Camera model
I am using 1x Logitech 270, 1 x Logitech 920 and 1x Pi camera direct to the board

What is the problem?
I cannot get a picture from the usb cameras when attached( they work on laptop ), following video instructions I went in to edit the octopi.txt but it says Raspi cam not supported and mentions UVC!!!
Entry for default camera not shown.
But the Raspi cam produces a picture in octoprint!!

What did you already try to solve it?
Flashed SD with new install of raspberry pi's octoprint
Connected to Printer via SSH
Followed Chris Riley's Updated YouTube video on multiple camera installs.

Logs ] no logs, no support) (37.2 KB)

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, ...)
Latest versions of all.

Please do us all a favor and give specific version numbers for each element. Also links to videos and/or how-to documents.

The camera infrastructure is currently in a state of transition and which version of OctoPi and which version of OctoPrint can make a huge difference on how (multi-)cameras are configured.

The latest Chris Riley camera video I can find is this one and that is for OctoPi 0.18, not the "latest version" in my book.

Just doing a fresh install and will post updated info as requested. Thanks

Well i have finally managed to get the two USB Cameras working ( had to remove the RasPi camera from the board ).
Fingers crossed this will work for now. thanks to all for the help.


You already opened a new thread about your webcam issues. That is the 5th thread in that you participate with your problems. Don't you think to concentrate on one thread with that all users can help you would be better?

Maybe a moderator can merge them.

If you read the post it is an update and I have solved the USB issue. The other posts deal with a completely different problem(s) hence the new posts!!
But thanks for your interest.