Problems Flashing Octo

What is the problem?

When I flash My 32GB SD Cards with Etcher I get a continuous Checksum error.

What did you already try to solve it?

I don't know what to try I have used different SD Cards all with the Same result.
I have downloaded Etcher several times and reinstalled.
I have Downloaded OctoPi several times. Always the same result. What am I doing wron?

Complete Logs

I have no Logs


Using Windows 10 and the latest versions I can find of Etcher and Octopi

I think I had that error using Etcher too. I just plugged the SD in after flashing, and it worked great, so maybe you could try that?

I vaguely remember there being some issue, with a flashing software that did this, but done count on it, it's getting late here...

I've never had any success with Etcher, and the UI is horrid.
I've been using Rufus for years for cutting cards, but now I've switched to the Raspberry tool, here Raspberry Pi OS Flasher. It will download lite or full Raspbian - current version straight off the downloads site and write the image, OR you can use a local image file, e.g. octopi, by scrolling down to the bottom of the list and choosing 'Use custom'. It works really well, I'm currently using 2019-09-26-octopi-buster-lite-0.17.0.img to create cards for printers - and replacement cards too after a Pi trashed one yesterday

Try win32diskimager :slight_smile:

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Or USB Image Tool

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How is the UI horrid?
You have 3 things in the main UI. Select image, Select SD card, and create image...
it doesn't get any less complicated

OK, hahahaha, good question, maybe I wasn't clear, I didn't like it. I've been designing and building UI's for 40+years, I tried it and took it off. And for many of my requirements, it doesn't cut the mustard, Rufus however does. If I'm only blowing SD cards then the Raspberry Pi one works on all my platforms. Its horses for courses. Same reason I don't use Windows out of choice.

I would add that really cheap sd card reader/writer devices often have issues. Consider trying a different reader/writer if you are not using one built into your system. As an example I use an Anker AR200 and have never had a checksum error on a good quality sd card using any of the software listed above (and yes I've tried them all).

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