Problems installing OctoPrint Raspberry Pi 3B

When I paste my IP direction on the Google bar to enter on my raspberry, says that couldn't enter on web. I've reinstalled Octoprint in my raspberry Pi 3B multiple times, and watching multiple videos to see if something is wrong, but happens the same again.

We need more details if you actually want help.

Start with how did you install OctoPrint? What image did you start with? What tool did you use to get that image onto the microSD card? If you used the Raspberry Pi Imager, what version did you use? Did you customize the settings?

How is the RPi 3B connected to your local area network? Do you have a monitor you can connect to the RPi? Do you have a keyboard and mouse as well?

More details on your LAN. Details about your router. Details about your WiFi (if you are connecting any devices using it).

I installed OctoPi Klipper with Pi imager 1.8.5, and I tried both wireless and ethernet conection, but I cannot enter to octopi.local or to the IP where my raspberry should be connected. It also restarts every 20-25 seconds. When I was installing the OS, I changed the "wa-supplicant-config" to enter my wifi name and password, and below my country.
My pc is in the same wifi network, but I didn't connect any screen or mouse and keyboard to the raspberry.
Thanks for your help

I suggest that using the Raspberry Pi Imager 1.8.5 you install the "Raspberry Pi OS (LEGACY, 32-BIT)". Apply OS customizations and set the hostname, username, password, WiFi credentials and locale under General and enable SSH under Services.

If possible, connect an HDMI monitor and a USB keyboard/mouse. If not, the above image should boot without a monitor and keyboard and should be available via SSH.

You will have to use the UI of the DHCP server (probably your router) to determine the IP address assigned if hostname.local doesn't work. It might be simpler to use an ethernet connection to eliminate any issues with the WiFi connection.

This configuration should be rock solid. If it is still restarting every 20-25 seconds, then most likely you have a bad RPi or a bad power supply. Output from the monitor would be most helpful. If you have success at this stage, then let us know and we can proceed to the next stage.

Please tell us why you are installing "OctoPi Klipper" (do you mean "OctoKlipperPi")? Details on the model of 3D printer and firmware would also be useful.

Thanks for your reply again. I managed to install it by following a newer video on youtube. Now i'm having issues when updating the firmware on my ender 3 v2; should screen turn on or stay turned of?, cause when uploading the file to the microsd card, everything seems to be fine, but the screen stays black, and at this point i'm starting to think it's normal, but idk.
Thanks for your help!

Which one?

With a correct installed Klipper, the printer's TFT stays dark.

For further Klipper support I recommend to visit the Klipper forum:

OctoPi Klipper is OctoPi with included Klipper

OctoKlipper is a OctoPrint plugin that supports some Klipper features