Protocol Finetuning: Buffer size

Hi folks,

there is an option within the advanced Octoprint Setting in section protocoll finetunig called: Buffer Size (only to change when ask to do)

I'd like to understand this setting. At my setup it is initially set to 1. How does this value interact with the serial communication or connection with the printer or the gcode? Does it override BUFSIZE in firmware?

I'm running Marlin on an Ender 3 Pro. BUFSIZE within configuration_adv.h is set to 32 there.

I believe (but would have to examine the source code to be sure) the number there is how many commands OctoPrint will queue up & send without waiting for an ok response. There's a high risk of communication issues if it's increased, as things could get out of sync quite easily with the printer, especially with some of the buggy stock firmware out there.

No, OctoPrint can't change the value of stuff you set in the firmware like this.

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