Prtiner stops during a print with Octoprint für 4 seconds

Since a few weeks my creality ender 5 pro with SKR Mini E3 V2 has a problem with octoprint.
I had a PI3. The printer ist stopping for 4 seconds during a print every 10 to 20 seconds. But the filament runs out durign the breaks. Now i bought a PI4 and installed octoprint completely new. But the problem is not gone. When i print from a sdcard directly from the SKR Mini 3 V2 there is no problem and he is printing fine. My printer has the newest marlin firmware.

Sadly you deleted the template that asked for more information (namely logs).
So we just can guess. (147.0 KB)

Serialport: ttyACM0

The octoprint.log has errors that indicate 1) There are issues with some plugins and 2) The printer has issues with its EEPROM data.

You can fix the first one by testing in Safe Mode and the second one by manually issuing an M500 command.

Before you start another print, go to OctoPrint Settings, Serial Connection, scroll down and enable Serial logging. After your test print, upload both octoprint.log and serial.log.

Now i tried the M500 command and printed in Safe Mode. All was without problems. Here are the logs.octoprint-logs (2).zip (1.9 MB)

Excellent! Now to return to the original problem. Either the M500 fixed it or one of your plugins is causing the issue. I'd try with all the plugins and if it fails, then use a binary search to find which plugin is causing the issue.

Now i am deinstalling all the plugins which i don't really need. And then i will try it again.