Prusa Mk2.5 Upgrade Crashing into bed with Octoprint not SD


I recently upgraded my Prusa MK2S to the MK2.5, I have run into an intermittent issue with the nozzle dragging across the bed on the first layer as if the Z calibration settings are lost. I have tried the printer with just the SD card and it prints fine. Has anyone run into this issue or have any recommendations?

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My own OctoPrint's Settings -> GCode scripts -> Before print job starts code includes a home command for X/Y/Z. I'm relatively sure that this is important for OctoPrint's success.

G28 X0 Y0 Z0

@frdstang93 Hello Josh!
I haven't installed my upgrade yet, I'll wait for the MMU V2.0.
I assume you upgraded the firmware.

Thanks for the response, I dont have that in my settings, out of curiosity where did you find those settings for the 2.5? I also ran a first layer Z calibration print through the octoprint instead of the one that comes included with the upgraded firmware and now I am not having the issue.

Yeah I did upgrade the firmware, I got it working by running a first layer test print through the octoprint and doing my live Z adjustment there. Since then so far so good.

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It's not necessarily just a Prusa thing, it's basic reprap: home all the motors before attempting to go into absolute positioning mode. If you're familiar with commercial scales, they have a Tare button which resets the weight to zero. G28 is like that.