Prusa-specific OctoPrint download link is broken:( I such available? TIA

What is the problem?

What did you already try to solve it?

  • Searched official Prusa forum
  • Googled, but to no avail:(

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)

  • OctoPrint: 1.3.6
  • OctoPi: 0.14.0
    (3DKCOctopi.img from 3DKC Kit,
  • printer: Prusa i3 MK3 (March 1, 2018)
  • firmware: 3.1.2-231

Currently, OctoPrint/OctoPi is working, though I have just installed the hardware/software, so have done virtually no testing. I have read about some "issues" between the MK3 and OctoPrint/OctoPi. Is there a link that gives the current status? I've been to the 'OctoPrint issues and tips' page (, but it seems to be inactive since way back in early January. Hm?


Where did you find that link? It isn't on, so I'd assume prusa would know a little more.

The Prusa discussion on this topic appears to be on this guide:

Looking at Prusa's download index, it appears they have renamed their rebundling of OctoPrint as I dunno about you, but that looks like a hint to me. =)

Hi Tedder. Thx for the reply. Yes, I am checking on the Prusa side, too.

Hi cilynx. Thx for the reply. And thx for tracking that down. looks like a hint to me, too! :smiley: I kinda suspected they'd pulled the file. I am over on the Prusa forum, too; so I'll just keep my ears open, and check things periodically...

They did pull the file. There are huge issues with that build which I told them about and they are now working on solving.

Thx, Gina. Is Prusa (company) updating the public about their progress in this matter? Or perhaps they are working privately? Do we have any idea when they might release a revised version? And, as a side question of immediate practical concern, what are the issues between the most recent OctoPrint and most recent Marlin firmware fork by Prusa? Am I "safe" to use the RPi Zero W/OctoPrint/Prusa i3 MK3 I just set up? TIA.

I have no idea about their communication plans. Best ask them, I'm not their spokesperson, not even remotely :wink:

The only issues I'm aware of are these, I'm not sure if that's what you are referring to:

And those are not issues "between OctoPrint and their Marlin" but rather "between any host and their Marlin".

If you run that exclusively in your own private LAN (no port forwards, neither to OctoPrint nor the SSH server!) then yes. Keep in mind though that the RPi0W is not recommended by me due to some severe issues with its wifi driver under net load. Which I also told them right after they announced they'd ship MK3 with a RPi0W header, and I seriously wish they'd talked to be before deciding on that.

Of course, only Prusa is a spokesperson for itself:) I was merely inquiring if you had found anything on the Web that I hadn't. I will keep searching and asking around...

It looks like a number of the issues related to earlier versions of their firmware. Now, as I'm running the latest (3.1.2-231), I assume those issues have been resolved (hopefully), though I guess there still could be "others". And, of course, there can be other issues yet related to other sources.

Thx for the clarifications on the network issues w/ the RPi0W/MK3. These things are very unfortunate:( Now, by "exclusively" you mean there's no other traffic? For example, I'm connected to a LAN at a makerspace, so not a good situation:( Furthermore, I was considering setting it up so I could access OctoPrint from anywhere (like at a coffeeshop, etc.). Here is a video explaining how: OctoPrint Tutorial Series : Video 2 - Accessing Octoprint from Anywhere - 3D Printing. Not a good idea, I assume:( Considering all of this, I guess an external RPi3 variant will be much better.

Thx for all your input. And, as you have surely heard many times, thx for you contribution to the 3D printing community:)

The image they now pulled has some issues that make it unsafe to operate in hostile networks (think the internet, think a LAN you don't trust everyone on). If you trust the people in the LAN of your makerspace you should be fine.

If in doubt, just modify a stock OctoPi image - all that this now pulled modified OctoPi image aka "PrusaPrint" image did (intentionally, it sadly also did some other things unintentionally that are the problem here) was to configure the GPIO UART, add a plugin to display the IP on the printer's display on start and set the default printer profile to something that fits the MK3. This is something you can also easily do yourself.

There is even an official guide by Prusa Research.

Oh, great! Thx for the update:)

Guess I'll just run system as is currently and see how things go. If need be, I'll simply switch to the latest RPi (not as compact, but doable - plus USB cam, instead of PiCam. Hm? Does RPi0W even have enough processing power to handle PiCam in addition to other demands?). Off to The Googles!:)...

Hmm I think I used that image. Looks like I have some work to do...