Prusa XL or Mk4 control via Ethernet?

Does anyone know if Octoprint can control the Prusa XL or MK4 via Ethernet (through my network switches, etc.) rather than direct USB connection? If not, is this in development/under consideration at all?

I'd like to have Octoprint running on a computer in my server racks (the other side of the house from the printer), if possible.

If it's not possible, I'll just run another Ethernet cable from my racks to the printer and will just use a USB-over-CAT6 adapter, but I'd rather go directly via Ethernet if possible, as I already have a switch near the printers themselves...

Thanks in advance.

(I tried Googling and searching this forum but couldn't find any discussion about this)

I believe one of the major features of OctoPrint is that it can be installed on a single board computer like a Raspberry Pi which can easily be installed very close to the printer.

A Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W will run OctoPi / OctoPrint, costs $15, and are available.

I'd recommend an RPi 3B+ for $35 which has full-size USB ports and an Ethernet port. You can even use PoE.

Is this a planned feature?

No - as far as I'm aware, the MK4's network connection is for using their PrusaLink (or whatever name it has these days) interface, and it doesn't work like a normal serial port connection to the printer, which you get from the usb port.

Ok, thanks.
USB over CAT6 it is. :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity - is it usbip or is it a simple USB connection?

This. I've got a few spare lying around from earlier projects that are no longer needed so I may as well use them.

holy moly that's not cheap

looks nice tho. hope they work well for you :crossed_fingers: :slight_smile:

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