Prusa, Zero W and ... Octoprint via internet?

Hello guys,

I'm new for Pi and Octoprint, I bought a Zero Pi W because I would like to control my Prusa when I'm not at home. I.e. some times I would like to pause or stop the printer; today my only option is a wifi switch to switch-off/on the printer. Not the best solution, of course!
I usually use an ip-camera to check the printer .... but now I would like to upgrade!!

Can any one tell me if this is possibile?
If yes, is there any full-guide?
I tryed to install pivpn.. but I can't get it works... because I found only guide with UDP connection and not the new solution of WireGuard.

I use Windows and Android.

Thanks !

I'll say both are bad ideas to be honest. Using a Pi Zero W will perform bad due to lack of resources and putting it on the internet leads to things like Property of Cat_attack18. Using a VPN is acceptable, but can be complicated to configure.

There is this guide Access your OctoPrint remotely for pivpn. I also use Printoid, and there are other applictations for remote access that don't expose your pi directly to the internet, but proxy the communication like AstroPrint plugin, telegram, ett.

Please be careful about PI accessible on the internet.
I have been able to Install Pivpn over my Octoprint on a Pi3b+ should work on a Pi Zero if you printing from SD.

The Pivpn won't install properly because Octopi protect himself by limiting some instruction needed during the install. I am no Linux expert but by using those thread I have been able to made a custom local install that give the needed elevated permission for it to install.

Sorry no perfect fully detail Tuto, but I got it to work with those link.

Wiregard work great on the phone and after those 2 work I did uinstall Pihole so I can even connect on my pi via VPN with a add free surfing ;oP

Good luck!

Maybe someone more Knowledgeable then me on Octoprint could look into this issue and tell you exactly why its not working... Or maybe a plugin could be build ?

translate Google,

I'm using an RPi B + (not the ideal one but it works)
Read from you can get access from 'outside the house', also turn the printer on / off via the Octoprint plugin