PrusaXL, OctoPrint, and You

As I've not seen it asked, are there plans for full PrusaXL compatibility with OctoPrint?

I've just done my first print, and the experience with PrusaLink wasn't ideal. It's very basic in terms of functionality, and the upload speed was dismal over their Wi-Fi solution.

I feel spoiled now having OctoPrint for my Mk3 and would like to have the same experience with this giant beast.

Hello @Extra_Fox !

For you have it both: A PrusaXL and a OctoPrint device, just give it a try.

Not sure if it's been fixed, but on the MK4 you had to disable the wifi connection in order to allow the external USB connection required by OctoPrint.

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I'm sure I'm not going to lose anything by disabling that. Somehow, their Wi-Fi implementation triggered my PTSD from 56k modems. :sweat_smile:

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