Pruse i3 Mk3 - Firmware Update on Screen


Is their a way to stop the Update Firmware notification on the Prusa Screen that Octoprint must put there (Prusa not directly connected to internet )

It stops prints until you physically go and press the front button to ignore it?

I don't / can't easily update the Firmware. Also don't want to when I am in a production cycle and things are working well!

Andy ideas?


OctoPrint doesn't do that. OctoPrint doesn't even know if you have a Prusa printer connected or something else and it also doesn't care. It's probably Slic3r PE inserting some custom GCODE that tells the printer to do that (have forgotten the M code they used, but it's in there somewhere).


It's the first line in the Printer Settings -> Custom G-Code -> Start G-Code of Slic3r:
M115 U3.3.1 ; tell printer latest fw version


@Ewald_Ikemann Thanks! I knew it was something regular that they'd changed to have a double meaning, just couldn't remember what ^^