Psu control no longer available after screen install

I have I took installed on a regular Raspberry pi 3B+.
I used to have Psu control running to be able to turn the printer off remotely after a print was done, But a couple of months ago I installed a screen to run octodash and realized I had to stop using psu control because the screen mounts directly onto GPIO pins 2-40.

I was wondering if anyone have any tips on how to still be able to keep the screen and being able to automatically remotely turn the printer off after a print is done?

Thanks in advance.

A screen hooked up to GPIO uses every single GPIO data pin available, so you out of luck there.

The most straightfoward thing would be to get a smart plug that is compatible with one of the plugins out there. They work similar to PSU control, but over wifi instead.

Thanks- I will take a look at the wifi controlled outlets.