PSU Control Plugin error

Can’t get past this message

Tried disabling the plugin, but mine used for enable power supply :joy:
Now can’t use my printer anymore

There’s nothing to accept there. What I’m doing wrong here?

Might get a bit more if the words could be translated. It would expand the pool of readers thar could/would respond. Help us help you.

I think this belongs to OctoPrint (you are running that in German?)

Yes. Normally it translates according to locale automatically

Please confirm the security warnings
and the call for funding

Obviously you skipped these during the setup.

For I've done that some time ago, I can't tell where exactly these are.

@foosel should know.

The problem is, that when i enable PSU Control plugin i get the message. Started in safe mode, disabled plugin - starting normaly... (Still cant turn on printer) so its not Thermal protection related or smth... The OctoPrint was working until recent update.

That looks you are running into some kind of bug with a new part of the first run deep wizard somehow making it into there.

Note that this means you are on a current release candidate and not a fully stable release yet - just in case you didn't know that as you referred to it as "the latest update".

I'll have to investigate what is up there and fix it in rc3, this certainly shouldn't be happening.

Please always report issues encountered when running a release candidate on the big tracker, if @Ewald_Ikemann hadn't tagged me here I'd have missed this (and it took me this long to even see this because I was out of service after a surgery until today).

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FYI, this is now tracked in

I've fixed it already and this should no longer be an issue with 1.10.0rc3.