PSU Control wiring question

Setting up PSU Control for use with a server power supply. Currently, I have the PSON wire shorting to the ground to start the PSU. My question is do I just wire the PSON wire to a GPIO pin or do I also need a ground connection to the GPIO bus? Thanks.

This is a bit of overkill for a single switch but this is the idea.

You probably can find a single-channel relay, though.

I understood that the plugin directly controlled the PSON via the GPIO without any relays.

Your guess is as good as mine. You might want to ask the plugin author to update their wiki page for wiring options.

I personally wouldn't want to risk my Pi to any voltage flowing from an ATX power supply. In the past I've added a momentary switch to toggle the power of an ATX power supply for projects but that's a switch that's rated for 125V @ whatever amps. Unless you know the internal rating of a GPIO pin to ground I wouldn't try something like this, myself.

Yet more

Thanks just bought a relay.

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