Putty and Iframe

I seem to have a problem with Putty amd my Iframe scrip afer i hve updated firmware or add a plug-in. Putty gives me a no acces and Iframe will not accept user or password.
I can still access pctoprint by http IP and name.local.
I have twice reinstalled octopi on the 3 printer and all works again Putty and Iframe Scrip.
As you can imagine with 3 printer its very time consuming to reinstall 3 times.
Any help would be apreciated,
regards Howard

Hello @Earlie70!

I moved it to Get Help Networking

Maybe you could try in safe mode, to see if it is a plugin interfering?
I am aware of some issues with embedding in an iframe, but not had a chance to look into this further than 'it didn't work'.