Python 3 update issue with Canvas and Palette 2 plugins

What is the problem?

Hi, yesterday I updated Python to version 3, I noticed that both plugins Canvas and Palette 2 were missing from Octoprint.
I followed this instructions to update
Canvas plugin was 2.3.3, Palette 2 plugin was 2.4.13 and marked as compatible with Python 3
All my others plugins are still presents

What is the log file that can allow me to verify that the plugins have been uninstalled at the time of the update?

Thank you

What did you already try to solve it?

the plugins have been reinstalled without any problem, I just want to understand why this happened

These plugins sadly aren't registered on the official plugin repository because the Palette people never took care of that, so they have to be reinstalled manually, as also stated in the script's README as linked from the blog post:

thanks @foosel for your answer, I'll get in touch with them to see if they can do the necessary. have a nice day

And it should have printed a message to you (in yellow) stating it was unable to restore those plugins, and to reinstall them manually.

If this did not happen (which I find unlikely) and it is a bug in the script, then it needs to be reported to me properly.