Python 3 upgrade start/stop command question

What is the problem?

I'm running the new python3 upgrade script and it asks what the start and stop commands are.

The commands on my system use systemctl which I think is fairly common but my question is: Do I need to put the sudo on the commands or will the script prepend sudo when it tries to start or stop Octoprint? I haven't been able to actually run the script yet (bug posted to github)

What did you already try to solve it?

Asked the question here ...

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@CTGreybeard - I'll look at your bug in just a minute, but the answer to this question here: the whole command, sudo included.

The script just takes the input and passes it to subprocess, untouched

I was able, finally, to upgrade my raspbian from stretch to buster and that brought python 3.7 so I think that will solve that problem.

Hopefully it is not unstable - I struggled to get it to work on OctoPi but if it works for you, then great!