Qidi x-one2 setup


I would like to connect my Octoprint Raspberry Pi 3 B to my Qidi x-one2 printer.

I am hoping someone with experience ( @FrankR ) can help guide me and I won't have to reinvent the wheel (so to speak). I am a visual learner so pictures would be amazing.Thanks for any wisdom y'all can share!

I plan to hook up with octopi-stretch-lite-0.15.1 with the patch described in this thread specifically for the Qidi X-one2.

  1. I burnt the image onto a Micro SD card using Etcher
  2. I used Notepad++ to change the SSID name and Password
  3. I put the SD card into the Pi 3 B
  4. I hooked the Pi to the USB port on the Qidi printer (located right next to the SD card slot).
  5. I hooked the Pi up with a wifi dongle.
  6. I turned on the printer.
  7. I powered on the Pi.

I am not seeing the Octopi connecting to Wifi on my router. I am guessing this is a simple error I made in configuring the Wifi on the image. After I connect, is that when I will be able to implement the patch, or do I do that when I'm burning the image to the Pi?

I don't know what diagnostic info I can post w/o being able to connect to the Pi, but I will update more as I make progress. Any direction or ideas are appreciated.



Are you sure about that? Per this review, it has USB connectivity and it should have come with the cable.


I found it, hiding in plain sight. Can't believe I didn't notice it until now >.< hopefully the rest of the setup will be smooth sailing.


I am all set up and running. I couldn't figure out how to delete this thread, but I feel it doesn't really add much to the forum. If an admin want's to delete I say go for it, otherwise you can leave it up and I can try to help out the next person who is struggling with this particular printer :slight_smile: