Quicker setup alternatives?

Hello, I'm looking for a solution to an all around video monitor for my 4 printers. Are there any "plug and play" options available that connect to Octoprint? I need something that's quick to set up since I move them around a lot and doesn't require me to buy and set up 4 different cameras.


If you are using OctoPrint, you can just use a standard USB webCam... Once it is setup, you just need to plug it in. If you move your printer, I would expect you would be moving the OctoPrint device which you could just bring the Camera with as well. My cameras are physically attached to the printers. If I pick up a printer and move it to a new location the camera comes with it. Worst case, I have to unplug it, but I can just plug it back into the USB port and its ready to go.. No new setup is required. I just power it up in the new location.

Maybe there is more to this than I am understanding from your question.

I find go2rtc the easiest for multiple cameras and setup is just a single yaml file.

Is there any way I can do it with 1 high quality camera

You run the one camera on one instance that has visibility across all printers and then use the stream url from that one instance on all of them.

They're in a pretty crowded office ATM (basically in a tight closet) I guess I'll just have to buy 4 different cameras...