R12 value on Pi 3B board?

My Pi has a fault where it won't work properly above 4.9v and on inspection I found R12 to be burnt out.
Could someone tell me the what the value of R12 should be on a Raspberry Pi 3B?

I've looked at the available schematics but it doesn't show R12.


I guess you got the best chances if you post this question to the raspberry forums.
Some guys in there got the full schematics

ok, thanks.

15Ω, but that's measured in-circuit so your mileage may vary. The schematic doesn't appear to include it.

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without the resistor it measures 300ohms

I don't think there's anyway to identify it by inspection other than to carefully desolder one leg of a good one and then measure it like that. You might try asking on the Raspberry Pi Foundation forum for the value.

Just got a reply from a RPi engineer and it is a 15R resistor. I'll try and solder another one on but one of the pads is gone so it'll be tricky.

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In a case like this I would attempt to find out where that pad went to and then just make a short jumper over to the end of your replacement resistor. 15R is 15 ohms, for what it's worth.