Random Comm timeouts, printer freezes


What is the problem?

Printer will just stop, may take 10-30 seconds to start back up

What did you already try to solve it?

Changed USB cable, verified pi wasn't maxxing CPU usage (7% is max I've seen)

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)

Octoprint 1.3.9, OctoPi 0.15, Anet A8 running Marlin 1.1.9
output from terminal tab when it happens:

Recv: ok
Send: N71920 G1 F1800 X102.043 Y123.099 E72.23187*62
Recv:  T:205.04 /205.00 B:60.02 /60.00ok
Recv:  T:205.00 /205.00 B:59.95 /60.00 @:101 B@:34
Recv:  T:204.82 /205.00 B:60.04 /60.00 @:105 B@:23
Recv:  T:204.87 /205.00 B:59.98 /60.00 @:103 B@:31
Recv:  T:204.69 /205.00 B:60.00 /60.00 @:106 B@:28
Recv:  T:204.55 /205.00 B:60.01 /60.00 @:108 B@:27
Recv:  T:204.38 /205.00 B:59.99 /60.00 @:111 B@:29
Recv:  T:204.33 /205.00 B:59.99 /60.00 @:112 B@:29
Recv:  T:204.51 /205.00 B:60.02 /60.00 @:108 B@:26
Recv:  T:204.64 /205.00 B:59.99 /60.00 @:106 B@:29
Recv:  T:204.55 /205.00 B:60.02 /60.00 @:109 B@:25
Recv:  T:204.69 /205.00 B:60.01 /60.00 @:107 B@:27
Recv:  T:204.87 /205.00 B:59.99 /60.00 @:105 B@:29
Recv:  T:205.27 /205.00 B:60.04 /60.00 @:97 B@:23
Recv:  T:205.00 /205.00 B:60.02 /60.00 @:105 B@:25
Send: N71921 M117 Best accuracy*21
Recv: ok
Send: N71922 M117 52.81p  complete*82

If I hit the fake acknowledgment button, it continues on immediately. it appears the temp feedback is coming thru and hitting before the OK response from the printer for a line of GCODE.


Yep, the issue here is most likely the missing line feed before the ok:

Recv:  T:205.04 /205.00 B:60.02 /60.00ok

Could be a firmware bug, could be a communication issue.


I went back to Marlin 1.1.8, and have no issues. put about 20 hours of print time in with no pauses/hesitations. Went back to 1.1.9 and they are back.


You should look through the Marlin issues and report it if you don't find other people talking about it.