Rasberry pi 4 wired network


I am new with octoprint, and has searched for config with wired network.
The setup with wifi was basically straight forward, but I would like to use it wired. What is the proper Way?
Can I keep the wif configi, and make i autoprioritize a wired connection, or …?


To use your Pi wired, plug the ethernet cable in to the Pi and that's job done.

To disable connecting to the wifi, you will have to remove/comment out the configuration.


Thanks for your reply.
If powered up using wifi, will it switch to wired automatically when connected?


I can't test it right now on a Pi - but on my laptop (which is also running Debian) it switches to wired as soon as it has been plugged in. It even works in the middle of a download.
You can still reach it via wifi, but the laptop uses wired for all connections.

I'm pretty sure it's the same on a Pi.