Raspberry detects camera but it doesn't work

I'm trying to use a DIY camera from a laptop, the name is Chicony 2.0 Camera 640x480.
Raspberry throught the commad lsusb detects it.
My problem is that on the octroprint page I can't see anything.
I've already tried to change the camera options on octopi.txt but nothing.

Could someone help me? Maybe my camera is not compatible, but I'm not sure I've tried all the ways.
Thanks in advance

Please post the octoprint.log and the webcamd.log
Also which pi and and which printer are you using?

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry but I'm new in octoprint world.
What do you need from the octoprint.log? I found the document and its so long.
Where can I found webcamd.log?
I'm using Raspberry pi 4 and Anycubic Chiron.

click on this link logs for a quick guide. If you're using a windows pc try WinSCP.
It's a remote file browser. Just download the webcamd.log file from the pi
zip the webcamd.log and the full octoprint.log and upload the zip :slight_smile: