Raspberry is warm after working for some time. What kind of case can I print for it?

What is the problem?
I touched my raspberry pi 3b+ after it was working for a while, and it was warm on the other side that radiators are, there is also something that seems to be some kind of processor.. I'm worried because I'm printing an enclosure for it:

and the back of it is all one piece of plastic. Could raspberry get overheating issues because of that?

Do you have a knowledge about any guidance about hw the case for raspberry should look like? Should it have the openings for air on the other side of a case ass well, or that little warm is nothing to worry about, and it can be as it is?

What did you already try to solve it?

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)

The vent holes are already a start.
Find a case where you can attach a 40mm fan to it. Some additional heatsinks for the main chips are recommended. My Pi 3B (without +) runs with a fan at about 45°C.
And that is quite acceptable.
You can add the Navbar Temperature Plugin to have an information of the Pi's temperature.

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a fan, really? I want this one, because it can be mounted on the side of a printer. Should I modify it to attach fan to it? What kind of fan should I buy, and how to connect it?

Warm is OK. Hot is a problem.

I suspect that you will find that is is nowhere near the temperature limit.

85C is the limit. Which is "ouch" hot. Not warm.

Not to be the contrarian, but I added an extra Raspberry Pi 3B with a Sense HAT inside the print volume enclosure mostly just to raise the internal temperature of the bed. It helps with adhesion, to be honest. I use it to monitor the air temperature which seems to do the best between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. That one is inside an enclosure, it has no heat sink nor fan. I don't have a heated bed otherwise.

The primary Raspi3 that's inside the bottom of the printer has a large fan next to it and apparently has no air flow inside/outside that plastic area down there. It's running 46 degrees C right now (no printing going on) which is 114 degrees Fahrenheit. There's a foam door that I've added to channel the heat into the print volume area.

I've installed this plugin but it doesn't show me temperature of a raspberry. Am I doing something wrong?

Have you marked the checkbox in the Settings?

Ok got it, thanks.
It shows, that the Pi temperature after 2h of print, is 52.1°C, is that ok? that seems a lot.

The limit is 85C. 52C is absolutely fine. In fact surprisingly cool.