Raspberry pi 3a+ with octoprint won't connect to the wifi

For a project I am making a 2.5d foam cutter. For this I use a raspberry pi 3a+ to control a creality cr10v2 motherboard to make the stepper motors move. The problem is that if I put octoprint via raspberry pi imager on the sd card the rapberry pi does not want to connect to the wifi network. When I then put the SD card in the laptop, the laptop gives a message that there is a problem with the SD card. I have already tried another sd card and also used a different raspberry pi 3a+ but this did not make any change. I did not connect the creality motherboard to the raspberry pi. So I don't think it could be because of that either. I have managed to use octoprint 2 times but now it doesn't work anymore and I don't know why. Perhaps someone can help me with this or knows this problem.
greetings Tycho

What does the message say?
If it says it needs to be formatted you can ignore it. OctoPi is running on a linux fileystem which windows can't open.
Where did you enter the wifi credentials?

The laptop says there is a problem with the sd card and i can fix it. I put the wifi in the ctrl shift x menu.

I'm running Octiprint now. I have put the wifi network in the boot file myself. Now the raspberry pi 3a+ does connect.