Raspberry pi 3b+ won't connect to WiFi

raspberry pi 3b+ won't connect to WiFi


connects through LAN cable but no WiFi isn't visible logging into router.



I'm trying to connect a raspberry pi 3b+ to my ender 3 pro. However after installing octopi via etcher and booting up the pi will not connect to my WiFi and isn't visible when logging onto the router.

Typing octopi. Local works if the Pi is connected via a LAN cable to my PC. But is disconnected when the LAN is removed. Any ideas? I've put the SSID and password into the octopi wpa supplicant using visual studio. It's like the WiFi is completely broken on the Pi. Please help

This pi is about to make a supersonic flight straight into the trash can very soon.

Could be a formatting error and/or you forgot to remove a #.

Just to be sure - you have to remove those 4 #

#  ssid="put SSID here"
#  psk="put password here"

and maybe also remove the # of your country and add one to country=GB # United Kingdom (depending on where you live)