Raspberry Pi 4 is out

New image was released an hour ago, starting a nightly build with it now.
Naturally I have no hardware to test it. So your help would be needed.


Nice, the release nodes date the image 4 days ago. Its a complete new version of Debian 10, Buster. So expect things to break somehow. Release notes:

Also we might want to unblock the new block for 5ghz:

On-board 5GHz WiFi blocked by rfkill by default
  * Based on Debian Buster
  * Support for Raspberry Pi 4 hardware
  * FKMS OpenGL desktop graphics driver and xcompmgr compositing window manager used when running on Raspberry Pi 4
  * Screen Configuration application added for use with FKMS driver
  * Raspberry Pi 4 video output options added to Raspberry Pi Configuration
  * Uses new PiXflat UI theme for GTK and Openbox
  * CPU activity gauge plugin no longer shown on taskbar by default
  * CPU temperature gauge plugin added (not shown by default)
  * USB ejecter and Bluetooth taskbar icons hidden when not appropriate
  * Version 74.0.3729.157 of Chromium web browser included
  * Version of Flash player included
  * IDLE Python IDE removed
  * Wolfram Mathematica removed temporarily due to incompatibility with Buster
  * Display of package sizes removed from Recommended Software
  * Appearance Settings modified to support independent settings for two monitors
  * Oracle Java 7 and 8 replaced with OpenJDK 11
  * Miscellaneous small bug fixes
  * On-board 5GHz WiFi blocked by rfkill by default
    The block is removed when taking one of the following actions:
    - Selecting a locale in the first run wizard
    - Setting the WiFi country in the Raspberry Pi Configuration tool or the Network Settings applet
    - Setting the WiFi country in raspi-config
    - Providing a wpa_supplicant.conf file through the boot partition
    - Running 'rfkill unblock wifi'
  * Boot partition size set to 256M
  * Linux kernel 4.19.50
  * Raspberry Pi firmware 88ca9081f5e51cdedd16d5dbc85ed12a25123201
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Ok, build failed because there was a change with the ld.preload script:

ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libarmmem-${PLATFORM}.so' from /etc/ld.so.preload cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored.

This will take more work.

Update: fixed that.

Sounds like we'll need access hardware first to test if the current approach of "supply the country code in your octopi-wpa-supplicant.conf (still) works. Overall does seem to mirror the existing behaviour though.

Build is failing because the Israel mirror of Raspbian is not working now, its hosted at ISOC-IL. Thats what you get for shipping a new device and a new Debian release at the same time.

I gave a phone call to its maintainer, so hope he will take a look at it shortly.

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Nightly built, you are welcome to test:

Will try it out here to see if it boots at all.


Image boots and works, tested on a RaspberryPi 2 using ethernet. All that is left is for someone who has the hardware to test and report how it handles a Raspberrypi 4. Then we can test other Pis and release.

I'm now on Adafruit's notification list for when they're available. Don't hold your breath. Rumor has it that none will ship in 2019. I've also contacted the Raspberry Pi Foundation directly to ask for some advanced hardware before the standard release date.


Have my 4GB version on backorder/preorder with Newark....even backordered the official power and case to go with it..... Love my Raspberry Pi's

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I have a 4gig pi4 waiting for a chance to try octoprint. Point me to an image and I’ll give it a go.

@TexyUK If you have one in hand, then read Guy's post above with the link to the daily build.

Newark estimates my Pi4 B 4G will ship July 8

Mine (4Gb) has been shipped & I'll get it tomorrow, but in the 1st instance I need to checkout how it behaves for Astrophotography using Indi\Kstars etc., & saving large image files to a NAS....

Continuing the discussion from Raspberry Pi 4 is out:

I'm an octopi newbie but I got my Pi 4 today (London,UK) installed Guysofts buster-lite-0.17.0. recovered my Octoprint settings and plugins from a backup and all seems to be OK. I haven't managed to get it to see my 5GHz Wi-Fi yet but it works Ok on the 2.4GHz.


It's supposed to have two USB 3.0 ports. I'd be curious to see if some controller board would connect over a USB 3.0 serial cable at higher speeds. (RAMBo?, Smoothieboard?)

I note that the specs call for 5V 3A minimum for the power adapter, with a caveat that if your USB devices consume less than 500mA you should be okay with the standard 2.5A.

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I've just got my new RP4 2GB and about to boot it for the first time on your image, will report how it goes shortly

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I didn't even know that octoprint had a backup & restore facility until I was prompted by this post :slight_smile: It is now backing up before I try the new image/Pi4. How long it's going to take to backup, and where it is backing up TOO has yet to be discovered however.....

Now discovered :smiley:

Keep in mind that the RasPi 4 has a USB-C connector for power now. You need the proper connector with your 2.5 A PS


I've made a successful print with my 4gig pi4. Couple of issues, my LEDStrip plugin didn't survive the backup/restore for some reason, but that was easily rectified with a re-install. More serious is that my USB webcam isn't streaming now. I did initially plug it into one of the USB3 ports, now moved it over, but still no joy - any idea's? It's been such a long time since I setup my pi/octoprint, perhaps I've forgotten something...

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