Raspbian Buster

Hello , been scouring the forum here and elsewhere to find out if Octoprint is safe on Raspbian Buster ?? Is it just a case of dist-upgrade ??

Yeah it works on buster but a dist-upgrade fron stretch breakes it.

Either set it up yourself on raspian buster or try the octopi nightly

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Thanks , I’ll give the nightly a whirl - personally I don’t think using a RaspberryPi4 will give massive benefits (if any) but keeping on top of Raspbian is a good thing

Well it depends. I use it in desktop mode and it's muuuuch better than every pi before.

See my work around in my comment


If you upgraded to Buster from Strech, you just need to execute a few commands to get the OctoPrint server working again. From a terminal window on the Pi with OctoPrint installed type these commands:

cd OctoPrint
source venv/bin/activate
pip install pip --upgrade
pip install https://get.octoprint.org/latest
sudo service octoprint restart

OctoPrint will now respond properly. If you still have an issue, you may have overwritten your haproxy.cfg file during the upgrade.

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