Raspberry Pi 4 is out

For those that want to try more with their Raspberry Pi 4, an avid Cura user and contributor has managed to compile an experimental build of Cura (the whole application) for the Raspberry Pi 4:

As if your rpi4 did not run hot enough already.


Nice :slight_smile:
If it gets stable I hope that the CreawsomeMod will also be available for the pi :slight_smile:

So, you’re doing all the slicing in Octoprint? I didn’t realize you could do that! Is it a plugin or built in?

What’s it doing differently then what Cura does?

Yeah there is a plugin you can download for slicing in octoprint.

I think he was saying that he uses his cura gcode files from pc und print them with octoprint instead of printing them from a sd card.
I don't think he uses octoprint (or its plugin) as slicer.

Why would that improve print quality? That’s were he’s confused me.

No, no...still slicing with Cura and uploading gcode to Octoprint. I think there is a Cura plugin for Octoprint but not sure if it works for the Pi4 version. Like I said, I'm new to Octoprint so i have a lot of learning to do.

As far as the quality, no clue. I've been doing my slicing on Cura and sending it to SD card for printing. No matter what settings I changed (temps, speed, retraction, jerk, etc.) I got a slight layer shift (very slight but noticable) and some minor blobbing here and there. I tried both the stock and custom firmware and had the same result. I sent the exact same gcode through Octoprint and got a practically perfect (in a perfect world, nothing is really perfect...hehe) print. So, go figure...not sure why. There was a very noticeable difference in the print quality.

Anyway, looking forward to learning more about Octoprint and what it can do.

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What burtoogle over at the Ultimaker forum did was compile Cura for the Raspberry Pi 4 (only). So you can run the full Ultimaker Cura application on the Pi 4, provided you install the (optional) desktop environment. This has nothing to do with the legacy CuraEngine plugin, or with OctoPrint actually. Sorry if I confused matters.

Off-topic, but the CreawsomeMod profiles are integrated into the upcoming Cura 4.2.

That's totally awesome :smiley:
Looking forward to 4.2 then :sunglasses: