Raspberry pi loading/booting octopi issue + touch display

first i need to say im basic user of octopi and my linux skill is low, all was fine i use raspberry pi 3B+ with my anet A8 printer with some custom merlin firmware from seller (varanty break in case i want update it) i did some research and i make touch display work for it so i use this way until i got latest updates raspberry pi sometimes wont load i have to unplug printer and several times try to power off power on boot then i realize octopi try to reconnect to printer whole time even i click disconnect he reconnect in few seconds maybe touch screen software trying to reconnect i dont use web interface i use native app i found on youtube called OctoScreen but anyway after update my octopi screen sometimes stop working and octopi wont boot on first attempt i want to fix this or all i can do is setup new octopi sd card and configure new display (easyest way) and also before i install display i had same issue with connection after updating i just make fresh SD install (so issue is not caused by display) ....also i have to mention im not skilled well in solving this issues alone and i didnt find anyone with same issue and only plugin i use is astroprint. is there any way to fix this problem without fresh installation? anyway right now i keep SD card if i find way to fix and for now i make new one and i try ot make this display works there :smiley: last time i spend several hours to make it work cause i use common low cost display form ebay and all tutorials make different versions so i had to realize what part from tutorial i have to use to install to make it works as basic user