Raspberry Pi turns off mid print

Managed a 3 hour print with no issues. Then 1 hour into a new one before it crapped out, though it's currently 30 degree's in this room, so i'm thinking to leave it for a few days until ambient is back under at least 24.

I'm having the exact same issue. Ender 5+, and the raspberry pi is not connected directly, but close by the printer.

It's only started happening recently, so I'm wondering if it's in I've if my plugins and the latest version of octopi. I've done a fresh reinstall and just had it fall at 96% this morning. I'll remove most of my plugins and see what happens.

Are you using octoanywhere or anything else similar?

Am trying solution I found in Octoprint keeps crashing and leaving hot end on

It seems the same problem and I also have a creality printer. I'm not experiencing power fluctuation or temperature issues, so if this works I'll update here in a week or so.

So i think i've resolved it.

I made two changes, not sure exactly what it was and i don't want to jinx it by removing them.

So it was either...

  • I've added ferrite beads to the raspberry pi power cable.

  • I've also ran a few ground cables to make sure everything is properly grounded. Including the ender 3 screen, as it had it on a plastic mount, so it wasn't grounded to the printer frame.

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