Raspberry pi usb power

What is the problem?

I have an Ender 3 Pro and a Raspberry PI 3B+ running octoprint with logitech camera connected to one of the serial ports. Pi is connected to the printer over serial.

The problem is that PI is giving power to the printer and the outcome is that the board and the LCD screen is powered and parts of the printer UI are working. This is happening no matter if the printer is turned on or off.

What did you already try to solve it?

I have tried to disable the power going off the USB ports of the PI but unfortunately if I want to do it I need to turn the power of all the ports off (which means that I am loosing the connectivity to the camera). I would like also to avoid masking with electrical tape the pin.

Is there something I can potentially do?


Well if you don't want to use tape on the 5V pin (btw why not :smiley:) you could search for an usb adaptor or cable without power lines and just data lines.

Also you could use a powered usb hub between pi and printer.


Actually I think the easiest solution is to tape it for now :slight_smile:

I will look for an adapter though.

Thanks for the help!!!

You might also give my USBControl plugin a try to see if it will work for your Raspberry Pi 3B+.

I have just installed it and take a look!!!! Thanks!!!!!
Fast question: Why I cannot find it in the plugin manager. I installed it through the github link

You couldn't find it in the plugin manager list because I didn't publish it to the collection. I write a number of plugins but I don't always publish them since I don't want to support possibly a thousand users wanting assistance.

Yeah... I mean... Look at what can happen :rofl:

I'm SO antisocial it hurts.


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