raspberryPi 4b 2gb only works on 64 bit octoprint

The pi only runs with the 64 bit firmware, not the 32 bit.
This is strange because I just received it!

The chip layout states 8gb

No Raspberry Pi only works with 64 bit OS, the Raspberry Pi foundation themselves do not have a stable 64 bit OS.

I'm very confused as well what you are trying to say, which Raspberry Pi do you have? 8GB or 2GB? the post contradicts itself.

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Hi @Robbin

I have the Pi 4b 2GB and I am running the 32 bit OS just fine.


I've got the 2gb, but I can not run the standard octoprint. Only the 64 bit one works

I've to 2gb model, but the layout of 8gb. Look

It is the 2gb model.

I know, the pi I used before workt just fine

it's just the new revision of the mainboard.
So yeah if you have no way to update octopi 0.17.0 (with an older pi for example) you have to use 0.18.0.
That doesn't mean you have to use the 64bit build - the 32bit build works fine.

So I have to use the 0.18.0 build? But that not stable right? And should I use the 64 bit or 32 bit?

well I'm not aware of any critical issues wit 0.18.0 so no worries

As I said - if you got an older pi you can update a 0.17.0 image so it supports the newer pi revisions.
To do that you ssh into the pi on 0.17.0 and run sudo apt update && sudo -y apt upgrade. Afterwards you can put that sd card in the new pi.
If you don't have that option - yeah you have to use 0.18.0.

As @Charlie_Powell mentioned the 32bit version is the stable version from the Raspberry Pi foundation. Personally I use the 64bit version because it feels snappier - but that's just my opinion.

Guy is looking into building 64 bit based off Ubuntu server, that hopefully will be more stable. Apparently the Raspberry Pi aren't going to be putting much into the 64 bit image, so it will stay experimental. Looking forward to what difference it makes. Comments on the 0.18 issue ticket if you're looking.

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Thanks! I've to go to my work if I want to get it from an other pi. still really weird that it doesn't support rev 1.4 out of the box. I can't find anything significantly different about it

They loaded a different bootloader out of the factory, that isn't compatible with the older image. If you boot it to the console, you will see 'This board requires newer software'.

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Yeah, it gave me the led error code that the firmware was incompatible. So I thought I received the 8gb model lol