Raspbery Pi 2 vs 4b

Hello Folks,
Do we still have issues with using Octoprint on a Raspberry pi Model 4b?
I downloaded and installed a fresh copy of Octoprint to an SD, when I put it on a Pi 4b, I can connect it remotely but it can not connect to my printer (CR-10S).
When I use the same SD card with a Pi 2, it connects without a problem.

I got no issues - try this and use the usb 2 ports.

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I know very little about pi/OctoPrint/Linux but is it OK to interchange built versions of OctoPrint between different hardware?

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In this case: Yes. For the newest Raspberry Pi always use the recent version of OctoPi. It's downgrade compatible.


The Pi 4B has the ARMv8 versus the earlier ARMv7 (most Pi models) or the ARMv6 (Pi Zero). Technically, if you were to build something with cython or gcc perhaps which works with that processor and then you move it to an earlier version then it would likely say "general protection fault" or similar. I'm thinking numpy or scipy would in theory be affected. (You'd have to check to see if Print Bed Visualizer, for example, would still work after shuttling that microSD card.)

I note that Kivy on the 4B with Python 2 simply doesn't work; the same microSD would work fine in a 3B.

The USB bus is different so things like uhubctl work differently.

The big difference is that the /boot/config.txt file has sections now at the bottom to deal with which Pi you're running on. Where you put commands then matter. I can imagine a scenario in which shuttling back and forth would reveal that you put a command in the wrong section. And your 3B-generated IMG wouldn't have different sections like this.

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