Raspi camera with macro focus

Is there a raspicam with macro focus?
I've gone through two cameras now trying to get the focus right for my enclosure. I've been trying to adjust the lens to get the focus right on my prints as the raspicam will only focus on 2' or greater, and I always end up ruining the lens with the tool I'm using to turn it (no good with intricate hand manipulations on fragile items).
I see a fair number of well focused octolapse vids and 99.9% of camera mount STLs are actually mounted to the printer so there must be pi cameras suited for macro or at least adjustable focus out there.
...or people are just way better at adjusting that stupid little lens than I.

It is not that easy to adjust the focus sometimes - the lens is glued in place and that has to be removed first.

A lot of people will also use USB webcams, sometimes they have autofocus or like the C270 manual focus but the lens is much larger than the Pi cam one.

I believe ArduCam make an autofocus RPi camera as well, though I also know some of their cameras take a lot more effort to make work out of the box. They made an OctoPrint plugin that can control the focus of their cameras under the control tab.

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