Recommendation for USB camera

Just installed Octoprint on a Pi 400, so I can't use the Pi camera.
I tried a very old USB camera (sorry, I don't even know what brand it is - very old) and it is not recognised.

Decided to try a spare webcam (USB) to check the system and it works OK.

My main issue now is to be able to view the printer under near pitch black conditions.
If it's not feasible, I will install LED lighting, but I prefer not to.

Can someone recommend something that can "see in the dark" and doesn't cost much more than a Pi camera?

Thanks is advance.

Merry Christmas.


Note that a camera that can 'see in the dark' will not be able to see in the light, so you might not gain much.

My setup uses WS281x LEDs, along with the awesome plugin (sorry, had to say that, disclaimer: I made it) that will allow you to turn them on and off from the navbar, or even with a 'torch' mode.

I just have a Logitech C270, which was cheap at the time. Most webcams are still increased in price due to the pandemic, but to be honest unless you have a real need for quality 720p is more than enough. Higher and you just start to eat bandwidth for breakfast.

Thanks for that. It all makes sense. I guess a few LEDs is the answer. I just ordered some from Amazon.

OK I asked so you can tell me, which one is the awesome plugin that we're "discussing"? :smiley:

To see well in the dark and with good lighting I would go with a classic ip camera. I use them for monitoring my home as part of the smart home. A foscam camera is perfect. The bonus point is that it supports RTSP which can be converted to HLS easily. This means you can see and hear what’s going on in the room.

Just realised I never replied to this, the reply was still sitting here when I opened the thread. Sorry!

The plugin is WS281x LED Status, which is one of my favourite plugins to develop. So much that can be done with a string of LEDs.

Find it here: