Recommendations on a camera

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I am running dual OctoPi's on Pi3B+'s. Only one currently has a webcam and it's a Logitech c920, IIRC (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, ...)

Got my first 3D printer in September and since then I bought a second! I have been running OctoPi for about a month on both of them and love it!!!

I am now trying to get an idea of the best way to monitor two printers that are sitting side by side. Both are Ender 3X's. I currently have a Logitech c920 attached to one that I have angled to see both, but not ideally. It's also on the end of a flexible stalk I printed from Thingiverse. I'm looking to also perhaps do something a bit more compact.

I am looking at some official rPi cameras at this point with some mounts that perhaps go on the X-Axis.

Can someone (or many of you) give me any recommendations of the pros and cons of using that camera and with the idea of mounting it on the X-Axis?

What about 2 cameras per printer? I have seen people discussing that as well. What is the advantage of that and can one OctoPi run two cameras effectively?

I know this is pretty open ended and I have looked at the thread about cameras known to work over here:

I would just prefer some plain English experience-based feedback. I won't say price is no object, because of course it is, but I'm not living under a bridge or anything.... The Logitech 270 ($20ish) or the official Pi cameras ($25ish) are perfectly within budget for me, but will look at all suggestions.

Thanks in advance for the help. If there is a thread that I missed somehow that would help here please throw it at me and I'll look there too!