Recycled PLA filament

I found recycled PLA filament very cheap, only $10.99 one roll. Does anyone know the effect of recycled PLA filament? Can its effect be similar to the regular PLA? Most of the time, I only focus on the texture of the printed work.

My only advice: don't order from Sunlu.

Early summer I also saw the cheap recycled filament offer and ordered 10kg.
It never arrived.
The customer support didn't even bother to answer my emails.
Even when I opened a case on PayPal they refused to talk to me.

Took me 1.5 months to get my money back

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Sorry to hear that. :frowning:

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Recycled PLA theoretically should be exactly the same as new. However it depends upon quality control at the recycle plant with possible mixing of plastics, colors, impurities, etc. all as potential problems.

For my use I would rather stick with using the new PLA and using only one brand that has proven reliable rather than facing potential problems with recycled since I do not use an industrial quality printer.

I have used only sunlu pla for quite some time, but never the recycled.

Thanks for the answer!

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