Red power led pi3b+ fashing

What is the problem?

WRITE HERE hi guys ive had my pi3b+ for 3 weeks the other day noticed the lightning bolt during a printing. so cancelled the print.and turned the pi of and left it until the next day.turning the pi the following day I got the red flashing red power led so tuned pi back off orderd the genuine pi psu
It arrived to day .I connected the new psu to the pi but still have the red flashing power led ime new to this is there anything I nead to rest in the pi

What did you already try to solve it?

WRITE HEREorderd new genuine pi3 psu search net for solutions

Complete Logs

octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab at a minimum, browser error console if UI issue ... no logs, no support! Not log excerpts, complete logs.)


Additional information about your setup

OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, browser, operating system, ... as much data as possible


Unfortunately, turning off an RPi without shutting down the OS first often leads to SD card corruption and inadequate power to begin with probably exacerbated the issue.

My advice would be to start over and reimage your SD card. You didn't provide any Additional information about your setup as requested in the template so I'll recommend using OctoPi 0.17.0.

Red LED is the power LED, so if it is flashing it likely means something is wrong with the power supply. I see you've said you ordered a genuine power supply, but the Pi does not lie about power. When it has a lightning bolt, it means under voltage/lack of power. Maybe the supply is faulty or something?