Reinstallation of OctoPi?


I have OctoPi installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. A little over a month ago there was an update and I ran it like I normally would, but it seems like something went wrong and now all I get is the "The OctoPrint server is currently not running" page. I've attached the 2 most recently updated logs.

My question is can I reinstall or repair my OctoPi installation without completely wiping the Pi? Im running OpenVPN and NoIPs dynamic update client off of it as well and I don't want to have to reinstall and reconfigure all that if I can help it.

Any help is appreciated.

octoprint.log (7.5 KB) plugin_softwareupdate_console.log (134.8 KB)

You can't see me but I'm wearing my I-told-you-so face.

Why not instead just let your Pi be an OctoPrint and add another Pi if you want other things? It will make your life simpler when updates/upgrades are trying to happen.

That was a pretty rude answer if Im being honest.

I'll be "honest" as well... When systems cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, it makes sense to use one system for multiple applications. When the RPi costs 35 dollars, it makes sense to use one system for each application.

My dollar numbers may not be exact and sometimes multiple applications are "compatible" or "complimentary". If you want to mix and match, keep good notes so you can duplicate it if anything goes wrong.

It also make sense to make regular backups so that you can "backup" to a version that worked when things go wrong that you don't understand.

From the logs you posted, it looks like the system failed while attempting to update OctoPrint to 1.4.0. This has happened to more than one person so you might search these forums for the solutions suggested in those other threads.

Sure, I'm being a bit cheeky but I'm telling you the truth rather than lying and saying that the Pi is a great platform for putting everything you can think of on it. You'd be surprised at how many times on here we advise people not to do this, they do this and then they're right back here lookign for support.