Reinstalling OctoPrint


I have a FF Creator knockoff running Sailfish. OctoPrint 1.38 is running on a model B rev 2 rpi.
After working fine for months, OctoPrint is no longer moving any axis. through the OctoPrint interface I can set the temperature, but can't extrude filament or move the printhead or bed.

I tested the serial interface by connecting the printer to the usb port of my mac. I used ReplicatorG to move all the axis. No problems.

I want to reinstall OctoPrint from scratch. I want to save the settings I'm using before I reinstall. What are the critical files I need to save and reinstall?

OctoPrint 1.38, FF Creator knockoff running Sailfish, rpi model B rev 2.


when you use octopi then you have to save the


folders in the pi user folder.
That should normally enough.

When you changed something in the config.txt for a camera then you have to backup this file, too.


I thought it was just the ~/octoprint folder area. Let me know if I'm wrong. On mine, there's something like this in the home folder:

  • ~/.octoprint: All the configuration files, uploaded files, log files, print history, timelapses
  • ~/scripts: Any scripts that you might have added yourself like upgrade_help
  • ~/oprint: The area where all the virtual environment goes, assumed to be overcopied by the next version
  • ~/OctoPrint (note capitalization): Possibly left over from me doing some development work directly on the Raspberry Pi

If you have an LCD/TFT on the Raspi, then you'll likely want to backup the /boot/config.txt and /boot/octopi.txt files if you're blasting a new image from the OctoPi repository. It's also good to do the same for /boot/octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt in that same folder.


Did you try reading/searching the FAQ's?