Remote access to Raspberry/octoprint


I am a raspberry/octoprint newbie, but found the setup quite easy and was able to get up and running quickly. Clearly connecting to cotoprint.local from a browser does not work when I am away from my workshop WIFI. I figure I need the IP address? How do I access remotely?

Also, I was unable to access the Raspberry via a Terminal window using the default password.


I'm wondering if you mean "locally on my home network" when you say this. So if you can't locally do ssh pi@octopi.local and credential with raspberry as the default password, it will either indicate that it's unable to login or it will indicate that it can't connect to port 22. Each of those mean different things.

  • Make sure that you're spelling "raspberry" correctly.
  • If it won't connect to port 22 at all, shut it down from OctoPrint, remove the microSD card, put it in your computer and create an empty file /boot/ssh without an extension, eject, put it back into the Raspberry and try again

As for connecting to your Raspberry Pi remotely outside of your home network, try searching through the Get Help and Guides area until you find at least one post regarding this.


From outside your local network, install and use the Octoprint plugin Anywhere