Removed harmful heat-sink from touch-screen, card stopped responding?

i had to take off a heat-sink off of my adafruit touchscreen as it was doing more harm then good (managed to heat-cap octoprint roughly 10 min after powering it up to print) , and when i powered my pi up, screen turned on went to its no signal screen and nothing (telling me that octoprint didn't load as it normally goes to a loading screen before it is able to hit the no signal screen), tried removing the card then putting it back in, still nothing, it doesn't respond to PUTTY, took the card and put it into my computer and i am unable to open the card as normally i get a SD and a BOOT file with the card and i am able to edit files in it through the BOOT but, the BOOT is MIA.

don't know if i should note this but when i removed the card both times from the pi it was noticeably warm although the pi wasn't

this led me to see if i could possibly flash over the existing image and balenaEtcher denied it as the card (64GB) has 127.14MB on it.

i am using a raspberry pi 3+ with an adafruit touchscreen, (i have a backup folder although idk how old it is), i dont have any logs as whatever changed in the device happened when the pi was off (although id love to see them as well)

which brings me here as i have no idea on what to do

Well I guess that card is broken.
I would start over with a new card.