Rename USB port on Debian for Octoprint


I own 11 Creality CR-30 printers and bought a server to install docker on and make a container for each printer.

The installation of debian, docker and octoprint went well but I need to identify the usb port for each container.

I followed this tutorial: Attribuer des noms de port USB fixes Γ  votre Raspberry Pi β€’

It works with two printers of different models (ender 3 + wanhao d12) but when it is the same model of printer (in this case here several CR-30) it does not work because it has the same "idProduct" and " idVendor "

SUBSYSTEM == "tty", ATTRS {idProduct} == "", ATTRS {idVendor} == "", SYMLINK + = "ttyUSB_DEVICE1"

I would like to know if anyone has already encountered this problem and how they were able to solve it, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you are using something with a CH340 chip, which most Creality boards do, then the only thing you can use to differentiate the printers in udev is the physical USB port it's plugged into, unfortunately.

The physical port will be the ATTRS{devpath} value.

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Does Creality use FTDI? If so you might be able to add a serial number using the FTDI FT_PROG util. Utilities - FTDI . If not maybe there is an equivalent util for whatever it is using.

Thank you
it works !

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