Repetier Jam Messages

Hi all, is there a way to get messages from the Repetier Jam function in Octoprint? Jam detection in Repetier runs fine, but I don't get any indication (except of the extruder temp falling) thet a jam has happened.

I found a git proposal from 2016 about this topic, but have no clue if this is implemented.

TIA, Ralf

It's not Implemented because its just Repetiers thing, as stated in the

like sanchosk did I modified the Printer.cpp file: I simply added to each


the line below (changed the action for resume and cancel). It even was commented out in one place.

GCodeSource::printAllFLN(PSTR("// action:pause")); // add later when host/server know new meaning! Octoprint

I attached the file Printer.cpp if you want to use it. I have the Repetier Firmware 1.0.4dev. (24.7 KB)