Replacing an old printer with a new printer in Octoprint

I started using Octoprint about four years ago, and I think most of the setup and configuration took place within a window of three or four months -- from then on, apart from installing a new Plug-In here and there, not all that much has changed, So it's been awhile, and most of the knowledge I accumulated during that configuration process has since faded!

I will be replacing my old printer, and I've been making mental notes of everything that might need to be changed in Octoprint. Quick research suggests it's not that much more complicated than connecting the new printer -- obviously, I'll need to add the new printer (Prusa MK4) and profile. I'm sure there are Plug-Ins that I will need to disable or remove, and the GCode Scripts might need to be updated.

Am I overlooking anything obvious?

(I understand that Octoprint is not fully supported for the MK4 yet, but that the basic functionality works, and support is coming.)

Any advice appreciated!

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