Restart Raspberry/Octoprint during a print

Is it possible to restart the raspberry during a print? Will this stop printing? If not, will I be able to resume where the printing progress is?
Thank you in advance for your feedback.

It will most likely stop your print.

If you are printing from OctoPrint, then it will definitely stop the print and it won't be able to be resumed. The gcode is streamed line by line, so interrupting this flow is not good.

If you are printing from the printer's SD card, there is a chance the print can be disrupted, as some printers (particularly those with 8 bit main boards) will reset when something connects to them, stopping the print.

Thank you for your answer.
I launched a print that will last 28 hours, and since I made changes that require a restart...
I will wait.
Thanks again.

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