Restore local backup to Octopi

Good afternoon,

After octoprint told me a 1000 times to update, I've finally had time to update. After the update, my octopi won't boot properly. Logged in to look at the log files, but nothing helpful there. Decided to install a fresh version of octoprint. Luckily I had a backup, which is saved locally to my macbook. Now I would like to put this backup back to the fresh octoprint instance, to get all my installed plugins back. I can't work out how to do it. A the backup section of the octopi settings I can't backup the folder which I have as backup.

So im using the newest octooprint version now,

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What method did you use earlier to back it up?

In the backup and restore section in settings, I've selected create backup. Then I've downloaded that backup

Good. Do you remember from where you downloaded that on the Pi? That file was located somewhere in a folder. I'm guessing that it needs to return to there on the new Pi.

I've clicked that button, now idea what the location on the pi was

You clicked that button but did you right-mouse click it? Often this yields a contextual menu allowing options like "Copy link" for example. Pasting that into a text editor, for example, might show you the URL in question. And that information then might hint as to the location of the ZIP files themselves.

Version two, you could go to school on the underlying Backup plugin's code itself.

Version three, you could use Linux commands to try to find your backup file(s) by remoting into the Pi:

find $ -name backup*.zip

Hint: It may be in the ~/.octoprint/data/backup folder area.