Restricting the copying of design files



Is there a possibility of restricting the copying of design files sent to printer? Is there a possibility of streaming the design file instead of sending the file itself? Will it serve the purpose?



If you are using OctoPi / OctoPrint to control the printer, then use access control to restrict access to OctoPrint and a lock on the door of the room with the RPi and printer to restrict physical access. Use HTTPS to transfer the files to OctoPrint to avoid network sniffing.

I believe there is a plugin for OctoPrint that will delete files after they are printed which will lessen the possibility that the files are easily available but again, physical access still needs to be limited as the delete is not a DoD Secure Erase.

I don't believe it is possible to "stream" the file to OctoPrint (and that kinda defeats the purpose). If you want to stream the design file to the printer, forget OctoPrint and connect the printer directly to the system you are creating the design file on. Physical access control is still necessary.


The general term for what you're describing is called digital rights management and currently, nobody appears to have a solution for that yet.

I'm working on a solution for this but it should take a while, require extra hardware and industry acceptance, etc.


It's worked out so well for various media formats in the past.